004: Staying over at Phoenix palace

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Back in Phoenix palace, Mo Qiqi immediately ordered Ban Xiang to prepare water for her. She had to wash her hands well. Thinking how these hands had touched that scummy guy a moment ago, and how they were even grasped by him, she was too disgusted.

Half an hour later, one could see a dozen copper basins arranged in the Empress’ bedroom, as Mo Qiqi put her all in washing her small fair hands. She had used the water in all dozen basins, yet she still felt her hands were filthy. Quite disgusting.

At this point, a figure entered the palace and stopped behind Mo Qiqi.

However, she was washing her hands with single-minded devotion and didn’t realize anything. While washing, she said: “Ban Xiang, bring me two more basins, as well as some soap powder. Thinking how these hands were touched by Jun Qian Che, I really ha-” Turning around to look at Ban Xiang, she found the person standing behind her was actually Jun Qian Chen. She got so startled, her legs went soft, almost toppling over.

Jun Qian Che reached out to seize her slender waist, and gently pulled her into his chest. Their bodies were closely stuck together, as he looked at her with his deep, icy eyes, asking coldly: “Thinking of these hands that were touched by Us, you really what?”

I really hate it so much I could die! But Mo Qiqi didn’t have the guts to say that now. Grinning unnaturally, she said: “I really ha…ve touched an Idol! Too lucky. He he-” She pushed him away, creating some distance between them.

Jun Qian Che sized her up, then passed by her and sat down at the table.

Mo Qiqi immediately copied him to sit down as well. Watching him with a smile, she said: “Your Majesty, tonight is the big night for you and sister Yang. Coming here to me is not very nice!”

Jun Qian Che looked at her and asked: “Are you in a hurry to send Us off?”

Humph humph! I’ll gratefully see you out.

“He he, no way, no way. How would I dare to rush Your Majesty. This whole harem belongs to Your Majesty, Your Majesty can go wherever you please. I’m only worried that sister Yang will misunderstand.” What is this scumbag trying to do tonight? Even if his mood was fickle, this was simply too quick! He’d just gotten a wife today, and he was already treating her coldly?

“Shihan is far more generous than you.” Jun Qian Che spoke in a chilly voice.

Mo Qiqi continued to smile: “Right, right, right, or Your Majesty wouldn’t have married her! Your Majesty, why are you looking for me then?” The scumbag and the white lotus, what a perfect match!

“We know that letting Shihan enter the palace makes you unhappy, but you should also be clear, this harem can’t possibly have only you inside. As you are the empress, you must learn generosity.” Jun Qian Che’s expression was tranquil without any fluctuations, but his words contained a trace of reproach.

Mo Qiqi immediately raised her right hand, saying with an earnest face: “Your Majesty, the heavens bear my witness, you letting sister Yang enter the palace doesn’t make me the least bit unhappy, for sure. I swear to god, if there’s any unhappiness in my heart, let me be struck by lightning.”

Jun Qian Che glared at her annoyed, and smiled mockingly as he said: “After that day, you actually became much more generous.”

That day? Oh! The day the previous owner and Yang Shihan both fell down from the viewing tower, humph! You have the cheek to mention it.

“He he, I narrowly escaped death, how would I dare not be generous. After that, I will not only be generous, but also virtuous, and I’ll even get rid of my jealousy defect. I’ll definitely become a good empress to the satisfaction of Your Majesty.” This great aunty is not like the previous owner who loved you, there’s only disgust, avoid! Therefore, accomplishing these things is too easy.

But Jun Qian Che wasn’t moved by those words, on the contrary, he was somewhat displeased as he couldn’t help but think of the man on that day. Unfortunately, that person had fled too quickly and they had failed to capture him. Anger arouse in his heart, and he suddenly reached out to grip her chin, warning her coldly: “If you dare to do that kind of thing again, I’ll make you wish you were dead.”

That kind of thing? What thing? Her being jealous?

“He he, You Majesty can feel relieved, I’ve definitely turned over a new leaf, I’m a different person now.”

Jun Qian Che stared at her for a few second, then loosened his grip.

Mo Qiqi’s scared little heart was thumping away. This Jun Qian Che’s mood was really unstable. She was speaking so nicely, yet had nearly lost her poor life. When she peeked at his expression a moment ago, it looked as if someone had cheated on him. She had to find a way back home as soon as possible. Hanging around such a person, her poor life could fly away at any time!

“Um, Your Majesty, it’s late. Don’t make sister Yang wait too long. The wedding night is very precious, you should cherish it well.” O Great One! Could you go already? This great aunty’s temple is too small, unable to steam you, this huge bun. If you want to jump someone, just look for your senior consort Yang, she’s still waiting to do the nasty with you!

‘Senior consort Yang’, hearing it gave her a femme fatale impression, like the type that seduced the male lead. Hopefully, her result won’t be as miserable as that Tang dynasty’s senior consort Yang. (*Yang Yuhuan or Yang Guifei (719-756), famous Tang beauty, consort of Emperor Xuanzhong, blamed for extravagance and killed as a scapegoat during the An-Shi Rebellion.)

Jun Qian Che sized her up, then calmly opened his mouth to say: “Tonight We’re staying over at Phoenix palace.”

“What, absolutely no way.” Mo Qiqi promptly had a fit, scraping the chair as she stood up.

Notes: Wow, this emperor’s double standard. I’m speechless. Just… Why doesn’t he try being more ‘generous’?

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37 thoughts on “004: Staying over at Phoenix palace

  1. Haha, double standard is the norm. That’s why I like this kind of story where the protagonist ‘fight reluctantly’ against the norm. (she doesn’t really care ^^) Don’t know if she will succeed. I’m looking forward to emperor being frustrated with her sending all kinds of person to his bed. Hope you update this soon! Thank you for your hard work 🙂

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