I’ll be translating some random novels I take a liking to from time to time. If the novel is on this page, then it’s free to pick up by other translators. Just write me a note so I know in advance. Updates will be sporadic.

  1. Beloved Empress -The project has been picked up! The continued translation can be found at novelsnchill.
  2. The Royal’s Cute Little Wife – picked up by stitchietranslators
  3. Black Belly Wife – It’s been picked up! Head on to xiaoxiaonovels to read more.
  4. Sinister Ex-Girlfriend – It’s a fast transmigration that is all the rage in danmei novels. It was rec’ed in NU forums and I translated Chapter 1. Will probably do a few more just to garner interest… It’s fun, but I don’t really see it as my main project. I got another novel in mind :3