003: In Unison

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Seeing this, Yang Shihan immediately panicked in front of the emperor, blaming herself: “Empress, it’s my fault, I provoked you before. If you’re angry, kill me! You definitely shouldn’t do such a muddled thing like assassinating His Majesty.”

Mo Qiqi was startled. This white lotus was more like a hidden scorpion – stinging people without revealing its body! This was trapping her to death.

Jun Qian Che pulled Yang Shihan behind his back and stared at Mo Qiqi waiting for her explanation.

The corners of Yang Shihan’s mouth flashed with a self-satisfied smile, because she understood Mo Qiqi so well. She was arrogant and willful, and didn’t know what patience meant. Her words would surely make her fly into a rage, infuriating the emperor in front of all the officials, and getting in trouble. This time, the emperor would certainly abandon her.

But this time, Yang Shihan was doomed to be disappointed.

They only saw Mo Qiqi kneeling again, picking up the dagger from the ground.

Yang Shihan held onto Jun Qian Che’s arm anxiously: “Your Majesty, be careful!”

The officials also got nervous.

Jun Qian Che was actually calm and composed, both hands folded at his back, looking at Mo Qiqi. He wanted to see just what kind of an unreasonable thing she would do today.

But the next second, Mo Qiqi’s response made everyone dumbfounded.

Mo Qiqi looked up at Jun Qian Che, squeezing out two drops of tears, blaming herself in deepest remorse: “Your Majesty, I’ve come today not only to congratulate, but also to admit my mistakes. I shouldn’t have envied sister Yang for obtaining Your Majesty’s favor before, shouldn’t have prevented Your Majesty from letting sister Yang enter the palace, and shouldn’t have lost a nation’s mother composure with sister Yang in the viewing tower. All those are my sins, I’ve committed a heinous crime, but also asking Your Majesty to punish.” She presented the dagger with both hands, clearly letting Jun Qian Che judge her crimes.

Hmph! She achieved enlightenment this way, coming clean in front of all these officials, she didn’t believe he was able to punish her, unless he threw away the image of a country’s ruler. She was convinced there didn’t exist a monarch, who would disregard his own reputation for the sake of a woman.

Mo Qiqi’s proclamations astonished Yang Shihan to no end.

Jun Qian Che also found it very unexpected. Walking back to sit on the dragon chair, he asked in a cold voice: “Did you truly acknowledge your mistakes?”

His impression of Mo Qiqi was that she always pushed the blame onto others, she was always right. Even in front of the emperor she remained overbearing. From the concubines in the harem, to the palace ladies, there was nobody who didn’t hate her. Therefore, he never had a good impression of her. Her behavior today was really out of his expectations.

Mo Qiqi looked up at Jun Qian Che, saying earnestly and sincerely: “I truly acknowledge my mistakes. I was gravely wrong, beyond reason. I’m regretting so much my head hurts.” Her hand rose to intentionally touch the wound on her head, as she put on a pained appearance. Actually, the pain was in her knees due to the kneeling.

“Your injury has not yet healed, you can get up first.” Jun Qian Che coldly showed mercy.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Finally, she could stop the act. She stood up in a hurry.

Yang Shihan saw things weren’t developing in the direction she expected, so she immediately adjusted her strategy, arriving at the emperor’s side all delicate and charming: “Your Majesty, everything is my fault. That day I shouldn’t have told the Empress that Your Majesty wants to confer me a rank, then the Empress wouldn’t have been harmed falling from that high building.”

Mo Qiqi was cursing on the inside: This damn white lotus, this is purposely reminding Jun Qian Che and all the officials that the empress was jealous! You don’t know I can be just as petty. You want to act in a play, let this big sis accompany you, see whose skill is better.

“Sister Yang, you can’t blame yourself. Although I fell because you pushed me, I’m really not blaming you, little sister, it was because the spot I was standing at wasn’t good.”

Everyone listening was mind-blown. Yang Shihan’s pure and holy image in their hearts was shattered.

Yang Shihan was alarmed, breaking out in cold sweat. “Empress, I-“

“Sister Yang, you don’t need to say anything, I understand your heart belongs to His Majesty. You and His Majesty are a perfect match, perfectly suited for each other. I should have been assisting you, but had actually blocked you, so you hated me and did that in your confusion. I understand.

“After I fell, my mind sobered up. I’ll no longer stop you and His Majesty from being together. Since it concerns your sentiments, I should help this beautiful thing.” It had to be known that in the harem whoever was favored was public enemy number one. Since Yang Shihan volunteered to take the spot, she’d happily help her out. She still had to investigate how to go back! There was no free time to play around with this group of women.

Her words once again shocked Jun Qian Che. “Empress, you really consent to let Shihan enter the palace?”

“I do. The Emperor is revered, should have 3000 beauties. I was wrong before, but I’ve come to my senses. From now on I’ll be in unison with Your Majesty, whatever Your Majesty thinks will be my thoughts. As long as there’s a woman Your Majesty likes, she can enter the harem, the more the better.” Best if you died of exhaustion. You stud horse, I wish you’d dry up and die on the dragon bed.

“It’s rare that the Empress is so virtuous, I’m deeply gratified.” Jun Qian Che’s speech was as ice-cold as before, and completely monotone.

“Later, I’ll certainly change for the better. I’ll strive to be a virtuous empress that can satisfy Your Majesty. I won’t disturb Your Majesty and sister Yang’s good mood any longer, I’m going to retire.” She straightened up and turned around to take her leave immediately. Dignified and graceful, yet resolute, she didn’t give anyone the opportunity to detain her.

Jun Qian Che looked at Mo Qiqi’s back as she departed, feeling an inexplicable sense of loss. Tonight, she was quite strange. So strange, he could hardly recognize her.

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57 thoughts on “003: In Unison

        1. Widely known was an exaggeration probably. The ones who were at the scene had an order to shut up or die. So no one spread it around. Only the people at the scene know. And that’s why there’s no further mention and no one’s talking about it even when the MC asks what happened. Her affair itself is a sham and she was framed, but no one has half the brain to look into it, sigh. The emperor will regret blindly believing it at around chapter 67 or 68.

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          1. I see, I was quite doubting the emperor’s intellect since whether framed or not, he was forced to wear green hat on his head yet he didn’t order the Empress’ execution, thanks for the info.

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          2. Ehm, don’t read if you don’t want a mild spoiler….
            He intended to kill her at a more convenient time. He’s kinda afraid of her family. But he changes his mind later.
            BTW, I think he sucks as a ML…

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