The name Girly Novels arose out of spite, because I’m a very petty person. It has to do with some people’s belief that novels written by men about male main characters can be enjoyed by both sexes (and they definitely are), but novels written by women about female main characters can only be enjoyed by women. In other words, girly novels, novels for girls, chick lit.

Since I’m picking novels written by females with female MCs, I decided heck, let’s reclaim the word ‘girly’. Yes, I love getting stuck on non-issues like these :P. Don’t take it seriously. The group name was half a joke, and half being too lazy to come up with a glorious, unique, majestic-sounding name.

I’m doing this in part because I enjoy the novels I’m translating/reading, and in part to help me learn the language. I find learning by repetition very helpful. I’m learning the grammar separately from another site, which really helps in navigating the sentence structure and finding out how the words come together.

My translations are not literal. I’m preserving the original meaning, but I prefer to put it into sentences that make sense in English, with a good flow and structure (as much as my skill allows). I prefer this style of translating since it provides more freedom in the way you can word things, avoid repetition, cut out some very language specific descriptions (usually involving jade, water, or wind), while keeping the overall meaning of the text. Meaning and intent are very important to me, and I’ll never sacrifice that.