Wei family tree (updated)

Wei Zhangchun: Duke Ying (rank, title), head of the family, old master.
Madam Luo: Wei Zhangchun’s wife, old madam

Wei Min: First son of Wei Zhangchun, eldest master
Wei Changyin: Wei Min’s son, eldest young master, the oldest boy in the Duke’s family

Wei Di: Second miss of the family

Wei Chang: Third son of Wei Zhangchun, third master
Madam Liu: Wife of Wei Chang, third madam
Wei Ya: Third miss of the family

Wei Yan: Fourth son of Wei Zhangchun, fourth master
Madam Qin: Wei Yan’s wife, fourth madam, daughter of Marquis An Ling
Wei Changxian: Wei Yan’s son, third young master
Wei Changchi: Wei Yan’s son, fourth young master

Wei Kun: Wei Luo’s father. Wei Zhangchun’s fifth son, fifth master.
Jiang Miaolan: Wei Luo’s mother. Mysteriously gone. Wei Kun’s first wife.
Wei Luo: Main character. She’s affectionately called Ah Luo. Fourth miss of the family.
Wei Changhong: Wei Luo’s twin brother, younger by one hour. Sixth young master of the family.

Du Yueying: Wei Kun’s second wife. Referred to as Madam Du (the novel uses her maiden/clan’s name) or Madam. Maternal niece of Count Zhongyi’s wife. Fifth madam.
Wei Zheng: Du Yueying’s daughter, Wei Luo’s stepsister, fifth miss.
Wei Changmi: Du Yueying’s son

Jin Lu, Jin Ge, Jin Ci, Nurse Ye: Wei Luo’s servants
Ning Xue, Han Shuang, Nurse Dou: Madam Du’s servants

Count Zhongyi: related to Imperial Consort Ning

Song Baiye: Count Zhongyi’s heir, father of Song Hui
Madam Xu: Wife of Song Baiye
Song Hui: Wei Luo’s fiance, oldest grandson of Count Zhongyi from the legitimate line
Song Ruwei: Song Hui’s younger sister

Emperor Chong Zhen

Empress Chen: Zhao Jie’s mother
Zhao Jie: Prince Jing, Emperor Chong Zhen’s son
Zhao Liuli: Zhao Jie’s younger sister by the same mother

Noble Consort Ning: or Ning Guifei or senior consort, highest below Empress
Zhao Zhang: Zhao Jie’s younger brother by Noble Consort Ning
Zhao Linlang: 7th princess, daughter of Noble Consort Ning

Zhu Geng, Yang Hao: Zhao Jie’s bodyguards

Prince Rui: The Emperor’s brother (probably)
Zhao Jue: Prince Rui’s son

Prince Ruyang: Conferred the rank by the Emperor for his meritorious service
Zhao Xuan: Princess Gaoyang, younger sister of Emperor Chong Zhen, married to Prince Ruyang
Li Song: Prince Ruyang’s son and heir
Li Xiang: Li Song’s younger sister, engaged to Wei Changhong

Marquis An Ling: Madam Qin’s father

Qin Ce: youngest son of Marquis An Ling, Madam Qin’s brother.

Marquis Pingyuan: Liang Songnian. His wife and Jiang Miaolan are sworn sisters

Liang Yu: Marquis Pingyuan’s heir
Liang Yurong: Liang Yu’s younger sister, Wei Luo’s good friend

Sun Ying: The eldest miss from Duke Ying’s residence’s future husband. Son of a great general. It’s also possible that I misunderstood, and the great general’s name is Sun Ying (but it’s unlikely, I’m waiting for future appearances to confirm)

Mr. Xue, Mrs. Han: Wei Luo’s teachers

 Bai Yang, Lin Huilian: Wei Luo’s adoptive parents from Longshou village in her first life

Duke Zhen: Married to Empress Chen’s sister
Gao Danyang: First daughter of Duke Zhen, Zhao Jie’s maternal cousin
Gao Qingyang: Second daughter, Wei Luo’s age

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