Why translating The Captivating Crown Prince is a pain in the butt

Well, time for some whining… Although I highly enjoy the story, it’s a real pain to translate.

Reason 1: Just look at this:


That is all one bloody sentence. Holy run-on!! Have mercy! This is not just one or two cases. It’s pretty much the norm with this novel. Just the part I put in bold alone could make a sentence with three clauses. Seeing so many characters clumped together is panic inducing for me. Sigh…

Compare it with a typical paragraph from Chongfei Manual:


Isn’t it so neat and tidy? Small chunks, smaller sentences. Bliss…

Reason 2: When it gets poetically descriptive. I really need to cut some things out due to them not fitting in a normal English sentence structure, or because they’re so lame, I just can’t… And because some words just don’t work in English. Don’t worry though, I’m a stickler for preserving meaning, so the cutting is minimal…

Example, describing someone’s face as a deity having carved it with a knife and shaped (or whatever verb) with a cleaver. Can you see why I would simply say a chiseled face as if carved by a deity? I hope people won’t mind me doing this, because my brain would really die otherwise. Or another example: twinkling eyes like stars, embedded (the way one would embed jewels) on an outstanding/jade (treasure-like) face. Sigh… I admit, I really half-ass it through half of these descriptions because I would rather not spend 20 minutes scratching my head over them.

The only reason I get motivated for this novel is my f*ing libido. All those cute guys~ Phew, got this rant off my chest.


19 thoughts on “Why translating The Captivating Crown Prince is a pain in the butt

  1. To be honest, I can feel that your translations are definitely filled with love. There’s some out there that have bad spelling/grammar and are super sloppy, but yours are always top quality. So cut yourself some slack. No one’s grading you here xD, and it’s all about enjoyment. Most people here will probably never read the original in its original language, so you’re pretty safe in terms of having space for creativity xD.

    Anyway, I just wanted to state that I love your translations, and want to thank you a thousand times for translating my favourite LNs so well. I don’t really care much for exact and accurate translations of descriptions (TBH sometimes I skim over it). Give me the overall plot and the dialogue on point, and I’m a happy reader xD.

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    1. My sentiments and thoughts are the same 🙂
      . . .
      Thx for translating Captivating Crown Prince till now and hope you continue doing so in the future / till the end?

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  2. ARIGATO !! and GAMBATTE!!!! Like other say :. Give me the overall plot and the dialogue on point, and I’m a happy reader xD.
    ARIGATO !! and GAMBATTE!!!!

    But if you put a time to release better , because the anxious kill me XD. I didnt know if was dropped . Example in some novels I read in the same chapter put release time announcement or if they have problems again but dont leave my felling ARIGATO !! and GAMBATTE!!!!


  3. I loved this phrase “The only reason I get motivated for this novel is my f*ing libido.”
    Was the reason I took to read this novel kkkkkkk
    I’m really enjoying how the story is being built and how the characters are being introduced and I’m really enjoying watching the growth of her maids.

    Thanks for the translation!!!!
    Let’s see more cat men creeping in on the main character kkkkk

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