The Empress’ New Clothes

Title: 皇后的新衣

Author: 风荷游月 (Feng He You Yue)

Synopsis: The Su family’s generals have established countless illustrious military exploits. It’s a famous family that all the commoners in the capital can’t stop praising.

As the Su’s youngest daughter, Su Xi is a temperate beauty in front of people, but behind their backs, she turns into the pampered and headstrong 9th young lady. Su Xi admits she has already become a two-faced person, until she meets the even more two-faced Wei Feng!

In people’s eyes, Wei Feng is refined and courteous. The cold and distinguished heir of Prince Fan. Whoever could marry him, would have collected the fortune of eight lifetimes. Only Su Xi knows how “indecent” this person is in private.

Notes: This is novel is like Chongfei Manual, but with less purpose. It’s still interesting, but it couldn’t grab my attention enough to finish reading it. Maybe I’ll come back to it one day.

About the story (some spoilers): Su Xi gets reborn back into her past. It just sorta gets mentioned, like it’s no big deal, lol. In her past life, she loved to eat sweets, had a chubby figure, got mocked by all the ladies and looked down on by all the gentlemen (for her lack of beauty -_-), falls for and marries a dude who forever remains in love with her pretty and talented cousin. Not sure what else, cause the author gives out the info in bits. As far as I understood, her husband never touched her, so she died childless and a virgin. Not sure how she died tho. She also has a young nephew, who’s a lot like Changhong.

The male lead is 7 years older this time. They meet when she’s 10 and he’s 17.He gets interested in her because of her tenacious character. He’s a handsome cold dude who gets all the ladies sighing for him. Su Xi’s perfect female cousin also has a thing for him. While her male cousin (the perfect cousin’s brother) has a thing for Su Xi. Too bad his family is against it.

Anyway, Su Xi works hard with yoga, dance, and other exercises, as well as dieting, and gets as pretty as a fairy. All her maternal cousins, perfect cousins, whatever, get jealous and feel threatened. The male lead gets frisky when she’s 12 (-_-;), lots of kissing going on. They get separated due to some circumstances, and because of a misunderstanding, Su Xi stops contact with him. Time skip to 3 years later, enter the romance. I kinda stopped a few chapters later tho.

There’s nothing wrong with the story really. I like the male lead’s obsessive love (though I couldn’t really understand how it came to be). Su Xi is a cute character. There’s some intrigue here and there. But I dunno, I guess I’m looking for something else.

Personal score: 8/10


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