CM: Chapter 27

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About the Reviews Page

I’ve added a Reviews page to the menu. It’s the final change I’m making to this blog, I think. I’m basically going to introduce some untranslated novels I’ve read. I’ll only translate the synopsis and talk a bit about the story and my impressions. It’s possible that a title from there may get upgraded to the Teasers section at some point when I get more free time. But for now, it’s just to let you know that these novels exist, and nothing more.

Whenever you’re bored, or feel like reading some MTLed novels (you weirdos (highfive)), you can glance at the Reviews and see whether something catches your eyes. I’ll be adding titles there from time to time.

Let’s have a poll~

Edit: Poll closed (in the sense that I’ll be taking the results up till now and won’t pay attention to any future changes). I realize that mostly people following the blog were able to vote, but take it as a small reward for following, lol. (Though that wasn’t my original intention.) If you want to see which novel won, head to the Teasers section~

Yeah, so I’ve been meaning to translate a few novels as teasers (tentatively). I quite enjoyed reading them, but I can’t fully commit to them, since I already have two projects. They’ll be like side projects that are up for grabs if anyone else is willing to do them. But my hands are itching and I really want to introduce them to people. The following poll is just to see which type people would like to see first the most. (Also, I couldn’t be bothered to figure out the poll plug-in, so… ahem.)


About Teasers

I’ve added a new page to the menu on top, right next to Novels.

So far, I’ve only moved Beloved Empress there, which means it’s up for grabs by anyone willing to translate it. There is a possibility I’d release the occasional chapter every now and then, but I’m not committed to the novel. The Teasers page is a place like that. I’ll be introducing novels I liked there, and work on them when the mood strikes me. But if anyone wants to pick them up, just write me a comment/mail and it’s yours.