Back from the dead at last (too late tho)

Whew, boy, that took long. Not to go into details, but I kinda picked up my life. I’m just gonna tell you it was very bad. Translating was my escape from reality, but I finally got to grasp that reality with the help of my family. And well, things got busy cause I’m actually doing something with myself right now. Haha, don’t mean to be a downer. Just letting you know why I’ve been avoiding coming back here. I broke a lot of promises in the meantime, for which I’m sorry. Though apologies don’t really fix anything.

Well, probably not too many people will read this post, but anyway. You’re all aware that Chongfei Manual and Captivating Prince were picked up. Both translators are doing an amazing job. Fuyu Neko is so fast! And er, I just learned Prince was picked up today, 4 paragraphs from finishing chapter 21 lol. How out of touch am I! Vin (I think is the translator’s handle) is doing an amazing job. I’ll see whether she’ll consider letting me chip in with the occasional chapter, but she’s already doing great on her own so I dunno.

That said, there had been an offer from another site to take me in, which I was considering back when I was still in my swamp of avoiding life. Not sure they still want me around, we’ll see. If they do, I’ll most likely move there and start another project that I found very fun to read. And this time I’ll stick to some sort of schedule. Can’t tell you what a difference it makes when your life isn’t a huge uncertainty. I can actually make plans…

See you guys around, maybe somewhere else. Stay healthy and take care!


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