Why Translate the Novel from the Start

About Black Belly Wife, I have a lot of respect for the first translator, who sadly got fed up with thieves and has decided to drop all her translations. She introduced a lot of novels and enriched many readers’ experiences.

But it concerns my personal taste. The way she translated was very summarized, keeping mostly the dialogue and sneaking in the relevant information in between, while skipping over scenes, descriptions, and info dumps. Maybe she did it for speed, maybe she prefers a more concise way of writing, maybe she was using text-to-speech method of translating, or maybe it was something else entirely. Regardless, the source material integrity wasn’t preserved, and it’s my preference to stick to it.

Thus I’m translating from the start, so I can give readers the chance to experience the entirety of the novel and appreciate it better. I really felt it was a waste otherwise.

And the reason I’m writing this note is to passive-aggressively copy-paste it to the start of each chapter until 23, because apparently not everyone clicks on the project page to read the notes (even if I pointed them toward it at the beginning of chapter 1). Well, what can you do. And I realize that there may be people who are willing to sacrifice quality for speed, and wouldn’t mind reading the summarized version of the novel, but I’m simply not that type of translator. Average as I am in my quality, I still try my best to be loyal to the source material. When I change things up, it’s only related to style, flow, and making things sound proper in English; I always preserve the original meaning and intent of the words.


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