Let’s have a poll~

Edit: Poll closed (in the sense that I’ll be taking the results up till now and won’t pay attention to any future changes). I realize that mostly people following the blog were able to vote, but take it as a small reward for following, lol. (Though that wasn’t my original intention.) If you want to see which novel won, head to the Teasers section~

Yeah, so I’ve been meaning to translate a few novels as teasers (tentatively). I quite enjoyed reading them, but I can’t fully commit to them, since I already have two projects. They’ll be like side projects that are up for grabs if anyone else is willing to do them. But my hands are itching and I really want to introduce them to people. The following poll is just to see which type people would like to see first the most. (Also, I couldn’t be bothered to figure out the poll plug-in, so… ahem.)



2 thoughts on “Let’s have a poll~

  1. I’m very grateful for the translations on your site, and just in general, for your hard work.
    As an alternate and/or additional idea–besides posting teasers, would you consider posting a list with the titles of the romance C-novels you’ve read (or plan to read), and just note the genre for each and maybe a star rating (if relevant). I’d really appreciate recommendations or ideas for new novels that are a bit off the beaten track (i.e., not on NovelUpdates). In particular, I’d love it if you could point me/us towards other C-novels like “Chongfei Manual” that are a bit more honest/explicit about the MCs’ life together after marriage. In any case, thank you, again, for everything.


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