Chongfei Manual extras

These are little extras from the author’s notes. Because the site I was using as a source didn’t have them, I haven’t translated them. But since I switched to another site, I found these extras quite amusing. I’ll put the ones from past chapters in this post for now.

From chapter 2:

Actually, in fact, the introduction I’m most looking forward to is not the male lead’s, but the younger brother’s… I really like the younger brother.

Changhong (laughing at the male lead): I win.

(*Changhong is Wei Luo’s younger twin brother)

From chapter 3:

Zhao Jie: The first time we met, wifey left her mark on me.
Ah Luo: →_→ What are you thinking? Such a strong distress signal, weren’t you able to sense it??

(*Wei Luo bit him when they first met)

From chapter 6:

Changhong: Ah Luo, I’ll protect you from now on.
Ah Luo: Okay.
Zhao Jie: The male lead hasn’t spoken yet, what are playing at??
Changhong: …Ah Luo, who is he?
Ah Luo: I don’t know, seems a bit familiar.
Zhao Jie: ……

(*Zhao Jie hadn’t appeared since chapter 3, hence the female lead forgot about him. The author is joking with her readers :P)

From chapter 10:

Zhao Jie: …This male lead who can only live in the writer’s words, can you even call me a male lead?
Author: Eh? What do you have in mind then?
Zhao Jie: Screen time, I want screen time! I want Ah Luo!
Author: Ah Luo said that she’s busy, and to go play by yourself. Come again when she’s 15 and finished with her education.
Zhao Jie: excuse me???sure??? (*originally in English)

(*Up till that chapter, Zhao Jie still hadn’t made a second appearance, lol)

From chapter 13:

Zhao Jie: Now you know what is fear? You were so pleased when you bit me that time.
Ah Luo: …Alright with the biting. What do you want?
Zhao Jie: Come, let me bite you back.
Ah Luo: ……
Ah Luo: Wait a minute, oh, aren’t you biting the wrong place?
Zhao Jie: Where is it wrong? Isn’t biting wifey’s lips a matter of course?
Ah Luo: (slaps) I’m only six, you pervert!

(*OMG, the author is thoroughly ruining Zhao Jie’s image in her notes.)


23 thoughts on “Chongfei Manual extras

  1. Haaha! Thank you for the extras they were really fun to read, please if their is more later on I hope you post them, I just love the interactions between Ah Luo & Zhao Jie. Seriously I can’t wait for Ah Lou to grow up! Haaha


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