Click on the Chinese name to be sent to google translate, where you can click the Listen icon and hear the name pronounced. They’re very pleasant to hear.

Main characters:

Shang Wuxin (殇无心): Main character, crown prince in Shang (country), cross-dressing as a man, youngest in the Imperial family, 15
Han Xuan Hao (寒轩浩): An assassin, owner of HanXing House (an organization of assassins), 18
Huan Mo Che (幻莫澈): Son of the Left Minister, distinguished youth, proficient in both literature and martial arts
Leng Yufeng (冷羽枫): A young general, respected by his subordinates, 24

Shang Wuxin’s attendants:

Chief Hai: Court eunuch Hai Qing. Butler in the Crown Prince’s residence. Knows martial arts
Wu Wei: Personal maid. Name means Fearless. Has a scar on her face. Knows martial arts
Wu Ju: Personal maid. Name means Dauntless. Was one of the people trained by Chief Hai

Imperial family:

Emperor Shang: Emperor of Shang (country’s name)
Empress Qiu: Gave birth to Shang Wuxin

Consort Qin: Eldest among the consorts
Shang ChenZhao: The eldest prince

Consort Xin: Arrogant
Shang ChengYing: Third prince
Shang QinMi: Eldest princess


Eunuch Xu: Trusted attendant of the emperor
Minister Bai: Served two dynasties as an official, responsible for the country’s etiquette (until I find a better suited word for it)


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