Regarding Beloved Empress

Spoiler ahead.

Okay, so when I checked in Novel Updates, I saw someone had added a ‘Rape’ tag. And now I’m very wary. I haven’t read ahead, and I trusted a Chinese reviewer’s words that the story was light-hearted and fun. Rape is kind of a deal breaker for me. It’s so disappointing when a FEMALE author just has to use it as a plot device to get the two leads to have sex. Why should it be brutal instead of loving? Is there really no other way? Is their imagination so limited? I’m saying that cause I see it used so often….┬áMy only hope at this point is that it’s not as bad as I’m picturing it. (But really, I’m dreading having to translate such a scene.)

Anyway, my enthusiasm has waned, but I’ve already started this, so I’ll keep translating till it gets too annoying. And then I’ll probably slow down my tempo and hope someone more tolerant than me picks it up. My mood’s in the dumps, honestly. That tag really spoiled it for me, though to be certain, it’s a fair warning to those, who want to avoid this kind of thing. Sigh… =_=


49 thoughts on “Regarding Beloved Empress

  1. I’ve read up to chapter nineteen, as so far, there has been nothing of the sort. From how the characters are portrayed, it really doesn’t seem like there will be any rape… although the main guy is kinda forceful in the usual kind of Chinese novel stoic protagonist way. Novelupdates have been known to have wrong tags before (someone tagging a novel with smart female lead where the female was anything but) so maybe this is one of these cases.


  2. Have you read Empress with no Virtue? It’s super funny and cute, but there is a part that I would describe as rape. However, I wasn’t offended by it as much as I thought I would be, I was just sad.
    The story went on and their relationship with it, I recommend giving it a try.

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  3. Yea there was a rape part in the novel but after that I think the story was still very good and fun to read. It was sad but the male lead was very regretful about it and afterwards he never try to force her…at least that’s what I read so far since I stop at ch 105.

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    1. I’m still reading the novel in question. I dont think that scene could be described as a rape scene . Although it happened because of a misunderstanding and unchecked temper, it was still without coercion. But anyway, I was quite sad about that part. Still, I love the novel and I’m happy others are reading as well.


  4. It’s not rape, I think.. I already read until chap 127.. and it’s really cute story, with blindness from empress.. kind a sweet, sometimes fight, later just talk, and fight again.. plus jelaousy from the emperor… hahaha~

    but after her first time, Qian Che realize Qi Qi’s not betray him.. so the first chap just a scheme… but WHO..? don’t know..


  5. www(dot)xxsy(dot)net/info/789045.html

    Raws!! If anyone is searching the way I am.

    Hey!! If you can help, I can complete the translation for you. Cause I am really interested in this story. Please do reply.


    1. Depends on what you mean by help.

      I’ll be frank. My involvement in a project needs to be either 0% or 100%. It’s only extremes. I suffer from the perfectionist disease. Which means that if I work with someone else, I’ll go over their work obsessively and basically rewrite everything to suit me. Only if I acknowledge someone’s skill will I be able to rest and trust them.

      However, doing that actually takes me more time than just straight up translating, so that’s why I don’t like collaborative works. If the help you mean is giving you a glossary of some terms I used, that’s fine. Anything else, I don’t feel like it. If you want to translate this title, just go for it. If you’re not confident about it, then give it some time. I was planning to release a chapter from time to time till someone picked it up anyway.


  6. hey, just a thought…but ever considered that maybe the so called ‘rape’ happened in the first chapter to the original QiQi? I haven’t read the entire novel yet but it was an idea that floated in my mind, that perhaps it was a ploy from her enemies to get rid of her.


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