002: Intoxicated with the king’s chest

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The Festive palace was bustling with noise and excitement, filled with singing and dancing.

Emperor Jun Qian Che was sitting on the dragon chair, quiet and reserved like the breeze at dawn. His pair of eyes were sharp like unsheathed swords, radiant, yet emitting an elusive darkness, wrapped in a shroud of mystery.

His refined looks, combined with his proud, arrogant, and domineering countenance, resembled a thousand year old ice. Looking at him could penetrate one’s heart with the cold.

Thin lips outlined a grim arc, naturally domineering, just right for a monarch ruling over the world. Making people afraid to look at him directly, yet feel like they should all crawl beneath his feet. Even his physique was impeccable, absolutely the type of man who could wipe out a maiden’s heart within a second.

Sitting by his side was a woman dressed in white. Like a lotus flower blooming, she was delicate and pure. This was precisely the leading lady of the day. The one who had just been conferred the rank of senior consort (guifei), Yang Shihan.

Following a resounding announcement, the empress led the flock of concubines inside the Festive palace.

As soon as the various ministers saw her, they started discussing among themselves: “Why did the Empress come?”

“The empress is disposed to jealousy, unreasonable and overbearing. His Majesty suddenly made Miss Yang a senior consort, how could the empress let it pass? She’s come to seek trouble with His Majesty!”

Listening to their discussions, Mo Qiqi thought to herself: It seems like the previous owner has offended too many people, huh! The image of a nation’s mother has been obliterated from everyone’s minds long ago!

Mo Qiqi walked to the center of the palace hall and knelt down to salute: “Greeting His Majesty.”

The concubines followed suit, giving their salutations.

Jun Qian Che’s icy eyes swept over the kneeling Mo Qiqi’s face, and unexpectedly got up to go over there. With a valiant tall figure and an imposing manner, he exuded an oppressive aura that didn’t let people look down on him.

A pair of black boots with embroidered dragons appeared before Mo Qiqi’s eyes. One look at the patterns was enough to reveal that person’s identity. No one besides the emperor would dare have the graceful dragon embroidered anywhere on his outfit. In the past, she had only seen such things in the old tombs and had never expected she’d get to see them in the flesh one day.

Jade-like fingers uncontrollably reached out to the finely sewn dragons on the boots, as she clicked her tongue in praise on the inside: This workmanship really is the best.

A little higher, she traced the fine dragon robes made of silk. The fine silk was yellow-colored, the dragon was stitched using a gold thread, the pattern was separated in 12 sections. Although it was a casual attire, it was still incomparably refined. The embroidered dragon almost looked alive. It could make even a modern person lament that the present was inferior to the past!

Mo Qiqi’s pair of small hands kept fondling Jun Qian Che’s chest, her expression looking possessed. Then she pasted her small face onto the dragon robe to feel the cloth. She was completely enamored with it: Too comfortable.

But to the spectators, it looked like the Empress was displaying her affection. The hunger and thirst were too much, so she urgently needed to entice His Majesty to sate her lust!

The officials shook their heads and heaved a deep sigh: “Shameless, where does she look like a nation’s mother.”

“Too unrestrained, disgraceful!”

Mo Qiqi was currently immersed in the pleasant texture of the imperial robe.

A gloomy voice resounded from above her head, deep yet cold, like a thousand year old ice: “Are you this lonely?”

All of a sudden, the small hands was tightly gripped, almost causing Mo Qiqi to cry out in pain.

When his glacial voice entered her ears, it made each cell in Mo Qiqi’s body fill with dread. Lifting up her head in alarm, she was met with the sight of a top level, majorly cool bro. Compared to him, those male models and idols could never reach his dashingly handsome looks. Especially that domineering noble aura of the highest quality, nobody could even come close to imitating.

But this… This was not the Jun Qian Che that she knew. The Jun Qian Che she knew looked like a warm gentleman with a scholarly appearance, his voice was also mild. Heavens! It almost turned into a wrongful execution.

However, even if he wasn’t that Jun Qian Che she knew, he was still equally heartless and even scummier than the other Jun Qian Che. Just look at the previous body owner’s tragic death and you’d know. Watching on unfeelingly as his own wife plunged to death, yet rescuing the mistress, gosh! So vicious and ruthless, as only a monarch could turn out to be. Ruthless scumbag monarch, first place in scumminess. As her impression of him greatly plummeted, that name got even more detestable. Could it be all men with that name were scum?

Lowering her head, she snatched back her hands from his grasp and knelt on the floor again. The resentment in her pupils was smoothly hidden away. Her left hand reached out to firmly slap her disobedient right hand. Groping that scumbag, damn this great aunty’s bad habit.

Looking up once more to face the ice-cold man, she laughed and said: “Hehe, Your Majesty, this is my occupational disease, please excuse me.” She was an archeologist back home. Spending all day long in ancient tombs digging up antiques made her blood boil with excitement. Now that she had the genuine goods before her eyes, how could she hold back the impulse to inspect them!

“We can see you’re insane. What did you come here to do?” An icy voice filled with strong displeasure scared everyone till they didn’t dare to breath heavily.

Mo Qiqi immediately put on a graceful and dignified expression: “Your Majesty, today is your happy day. I’ve led the numerous little sisters here to congratulate you. Congratulations, Your Majesty, enjoy the beauty.” Her manner changed so suddenly, the concubines were stunned, staring at her blankly.

Jun Qian Che evidently also hadn’t expected that. He looked her in the eyes as he asked coldly: “You came to congratulate?”

Mo Qiqi spoke with a incomparably sincere smile: “Yes, I’ve come to congratulate Your Majesty wholeheartedly. Wishing Your Majesty and little sister Yang conjugal love, blissfully growing old together, marital harmony, early pregnancy-“

“Good, get up now!” Jun Qian Che interrupted her somewhat impatiently.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Interrupting when others spoke, no manners.

Ban Xiang promptly stepped forward to help her master up.

“Clang!” A sound startled everyone in the palace hall. One by one, their lines of sight fell onto the dagger on the floor.

Seeing this, the concubines smiled complacently.

Mo Qiqi had the urge to knock herself out. How could she forget about the dagger in her sleeve! Bringing a sharp weapon to a meeting with the emperor, and in front of all the officials, that was simply inviting death! Her brain went to work full speed.

Notes: I suddenly felt cold reading this chapter. I wonder why…

Okay, even to me Evermerry palace sounded too ridiculous, so I changed to Festive palace. At least that’s a word…

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