001: Crossed over for real

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Five days later, in the Phoenix palace, inside the Empress’ bedroom, a cool breeze was blowing in through the window, raising the pink muslin curtains.

A person with a worried look was standing in front of the copper mirror with a dragon and phoenix carvings.

For three days since she had woken up, Mo Qiqi couldn’t believe she had crossed over after merely sitting on the toilet.

Her name was still the same, but the lil’ sis inside the mirror actually had a different appearance: exquisite, delicate, peerless grace, too different from her own sweet and lovely face. Had she really crossed over? Pinching her face: “Ouch!”

“Boohoo, Empress, are you alright?” Seeing her master’s unusual behavior, Ban Xiang cried anxiously.

Mo Qiqi had some complaints ready, but just as she wanted to loudly burst into tears, she heard the sounds of coordinated weeping coming from outside.

The next second, she saw a pack of gorgeously dressed beauties walking towards her, crying like little birds.

Mo Qiqi asked Ban Xiang: “What is this? Beauty contest?” Since she didn’t have this body’s memories, she didn’t know anyone here.

“Empress, these are the harem’s concubines!” Ban Xiang glanced at her worriedly. Ever since the empress woke up, there were many things she couldn’t remember, as if it was a different person.

Mo Qiqi straightened up her body and looked at the numerous beauties.

Seeing her, the beauties started crying even louder, almost blowing off the roof.

Mo Qiqi got annoyed by their crying, and with all the arrogance of an empress, angrily scolded them: “Very good, not sleeping this late at night, but coming here to wail like mourners, I’m still not dead, okay!”

A beauty in a yellow dress said: “Empress, could it be you still don’t know! His Majesty is giving a banquet in the Festive palace. He wants to confer a rank to lady Yang, making her a senior concubine (guifei). Many officials have gone to congratulate him.”

When she heard this, Mo Qiqi shook her head in disapproval: “That’s a happy occasion! Why are you all crying? I was wondering who died!”

The crowd of concubines suddenly ceased their crying. Peeking at each other, they started discussing in puzzled whispers: “What’s going on? Normally, whenever the empress hears about His Majesty and Yang Shihan being together, she would fly into a rage. Today she heard His Majesty wanted to confer Yang Shihan a rank, and she’s actually this tranquil. Don’t tell me she turned stupid from the fall?”

“It’s possible.” Everyone nodded.

Dan Xiang was panting with rage: “Yang Shihan, that little slut actually wants to be a senior concubine.”

Mo Qiqi felt like there was something wrong about this. Why was everyone so against this Yang Shihan person? Could this person be a ladyboy? Or maybe a man?

She was suddenly very curious about how this body’s owner had died. Three days had passed since she’d crossed over, but besides being in a daze during those three days, she was at a loss, incredulous. She didn’t do anything! Hoping this was a dream and once she woke up, she’d be back in the modern world. But now it looked like she had to face reality. First hang onto her poor life, then figure out a method to go back.

Leaning close to Ban Xiang, she asked in a low voice: “Ban Xiang, let me ask you, why was I injured and in a coma?” Wasn’t the previous owner an empress? Who would dare hurt her? Could it be that in order to marry that Yang Shihan person, the emperor schemed against the empress!

Ban Xiang hesitated. About what happened that day, the emperor had forbidden anything from being said. Thus, she didn’t dare tell the truth to the empress.

She had no choice but to huff indignantly: “It’s all because of that slut Yang Shihan causing trouble. She had nothing better to do, but went and seduced His Majesty right after she entered the palace, making him fascinated with her, and causing you to get angry all the time.

“Five days ago, you were having a conversation with her in the viewing tower. In the end, that slut deliberately infuriated you, so you started to fight with each other. As a result, both of you fell down from the tower at the same time. Then His Majesty came, but, but His Majesty actually saved that little slut, while you, Empress-“

Ban Xiang strongly breathed in, preparing to turn on the waterworks.

Seeing her state, Mo Qiqi immediately shouted to stop her: “Alright, stop talking, I got it.” Could it be, the previous owner got married to a scummy, heartless man? Hell, if she could go back home, the first thing she would do would be to go and find her own heartless man, beat him up and kick his balls so hard, they’d never be able to drop back down.

“Empress, don’t be sad, His Majesty is only temporarily bewitched by that fox. His Majesty’s heart will sooner or later return to you. Right now, the top priority is to prevent that fox from entering the palace.” The concubines hurriedly incited Mo Qiqi to go and make a disturbance.

Mo Qiqi smiled with disdain: These concubines are taking me for a fool! It seems like they often made good use of the previous owner!

Mo Qiqi walked to the phoenix seat and sat down. Looking at these women fighting for a man’s favor, she found it truly ridiculous.

However, since she had taken over this body for the time being, she had to know, just what was this scummy husband’s name!

Reaching out to call Ban Xiang over, she asked: “What is the emperor called?”

Ban Xiang replied in a low voice: “His Majesty’s name is Jun Qian Che.”

“What?” Mo Qiqi roared, causing Ban Xiang to tremble in fear and the concubines to stare at her alarmed.

Mo Qiqi spoke to herself: Don’t tell me that scumbag crossed over like me? Good, excellent, this great aunty’s huge enmity has finally found an outlet. See whether I’ll castrate him or not.

“Ban Xiang, go prepare a dagger.” Mo Qiqi narrowed her beautiful eyes, her smile hiding a touch of brutality.

Ban Xiang was confused: “Empress, what do you want a dagger for?”

“To look for the scumbag.”

Everyone looked at each other: “Scumbag?” They didn’t understand the meaning.

Mo Qiqi explained impatiently: “To look for His Majesty.”

The concubines’ eyes sparkled happily, thinking their instigation was effective.

Ban Xiang promptly tried to extinguish her master’s fire: “Empress, you can’t bring a sharp weapon when you meet His Majesty.”

“Stop with the nonsense, go prepare it quickly.” Mo Qiqi snapped back.

The concubines immediately joined in: “The Empress made you go prepare, you should prepare it at once. A servant girl shouldn’t make so much idle talk.”

“Exactly, go prepare.”

Frightened, Ban Xiang didn’t dare retort again, and immediately went to fetch a dagger.

Once Mo Qiqi got the dagger, she smiled sinisterly, hid it in her sleeve, and looked at the concubines as she said: “Fellow sisters, lead the way! We’ll go congratulate His Majesty.” Weren’t the palace ladies supposed to bring two flower wreaths as a congratulatory gift? Ah, forget it, since she’d just arrived, she shouldn’t make such a big fuss.

Notes: Wow, that last sentence confused the heck out of me. I think I got the gist of it, but still not 100% sure about it. Here’s the raw : 算了,初来乍道,还是别太张扬了。There might be some elusive double meaning somewhere in the whole paragraph… *ignores*

I gave the palaces some approximate names taken from their translation. It’s easier to remember, I just hope Evermerry doesn’t sound too ridiculous lol. (Changed to Festive.) But the story itself is not too serious, so I felt it’s fine to do this.

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43 thoughts on “001: Crossed over for real

  1. @_@ seem slightly extreme for the first action to take after transferring into a new world – its interesting they didn’t mention the affair (though based on the tags on NU, I’m assuming it wasn’t a affair but rape/blackmail).


  2. A bit confused. So the story off with the Empress being caught with a man then falling off the tower and dying. She is not the main character?

    So then a modern person is put into the dead empress’ body and she has the same name as the empress?


    Is it the dead empress’ spirit was sent back into time? Or she was sent to a different dimension with the same circumstances?


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